Monday, June 28, 2010

Android 2.2 FRF85B

It's funny with all of these system updates I'd like to see a what's new in each one. Or maybe I don't want to know? Anyway, just received FRF85B, seems to be legitimate so I've installed. Noticeably faster in the camera app. Hard to tell, but I think the browser may have eeked out a little faster too (though that may be attributed to the recent restart only). Aside from that I've not noticed anything new, and have not noticed one piece I'd like to see fixed in Froyo... The soft keyboard swipe down to hide the keyboard doesn't work the way it used to. I always have to use the back key to hide the keyboard now. The swipe left-to-right for voice input also seems more touchy... have to get it just right. Anyway, aside from that I didn't notice anything new at all? What about you? Spot something new and different?

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