Saturday, December 18, 2010

Android application permissions

I saw this in the news earlier and figured it warranted a response:

At least for android, an application's required permissions are displayed while downloading and installing apps.  Here is a walkthrough:

Here is a list of permissions developers can request:

The consumer of an app is always presented with a list of permissions before the app is downloaded and installed. It is up to the consumer to read that page and decide how much they trust the developer. Anything that requests access to location, contacts, phone state or phone identity should be scrutinized. Here is a tutorial someone wrote up on the subject:

As long as a phone user can read and takes care when they get to the permissions portion of installing an app they won't take any risks they're unaware of.  The wsj has tried to sensationalize a topic by claiming users don't know.

If you own an android device just remember to read while you shop for apps and enjoy other's work safely.