Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Manual poorly printed for Wii

For those of you reading this post in the hopes of finding a walkthrough please check this one out (starts on page 4):

IGN Guide

First let me say, I like to play Force Unleashed on the Wii. I think that despite it's shortcomings as a game the story is entertaining and I like the force powers enough to enjoy it and recommend it.

One thing that is driving me absolutely crazy is the lousy printing job done on the manual. I'll scan some pages in and add them to this post later.

UPDATE: Here they are:

Honestly though, it's all black and white. I can't see half the pictures as anything besides black squares and the descriptions on how to work things is so limited it's a real let down. I guess all the time they should have been pouring into the manual ended up as the tutorial section of the game and all the helpful tips.

Please next time let's use the color printer - Lucas Arts are you listening?


Jeanne Lawyer said...

Ben Finnigan you make me Laugh! I don't know if I would ever complain about a boring black and white manual but I can assure you my husband would. Especially when it comes to anything Star Wars. You two have more in common than your name.

Sommer said...

I love you honey, you are cute! It must be pretty bad if you can't read it, because you are really good with manuals.